Material:Travertine multy-color stone
1.Multi&perfect layout in interlocking system.
2.Easy installation,connection on 4 sides.

Natural Stone Tiles Interlocking System, DIY Stone Tiles, Easy-to-Install Stone Tiles

1. Never rots and splinters
2. Highly scratch resistant 
3. Natural feel & looking
4. Never requires oiling & sanding 
5. No trees cut-down 
6. Environmental friendly and Eco-friendly
7. Contains no toxic performance
8. Shape steady & no warp & peel
9. 15- 20 years life warranty

More Descriptions for reference: 

Easy to Install - Build stone flooring in just minutes! These snap-on tiles have an interlocking design base for easy “Do-It-Yourself” installation. Attach tiles together with no tools required! No messy glue, no nails, no staples. No grout needed. Perfect match and precision spacing between every tile, every time, guaranteed! They are ready to use right out of the box.

Beautiful Do-it-Yourself Stone Pavers Tiles – Detailed craftsmanship goes into each of our stone deck tiles. Machine cut and hand polished stone pieces are carefully and firmly bonded to a commercial grade fiber mesh base. Template assembly ensures precision dimensions for each tile. Each tile has a matte finish.


Low Maintenance Stone – Stone is a highly durable natural material. These stone deck tiles are fade resistant and requires little to no maintenance. Periodic (annual) cleaning with a broom/cloth and water hose is recommended to remove dirt and normal environmental buildup. 

Just About Anywhere - Perfect for gazebos, patios, pool sides (non-slippery when wet). Rejuvenate a tired concrete slab or spruce up an old wood deck. These tiles install best on hard surfaces (i.e., concrete, asphalt, wood, etc.), but can also be installed on semi-hard surfaces as such as (i.e, lawn, dirt, or gravel). The elevated PVC platform base allows for adequate drainage and moisture ventilation. You can even install these indoor, great for sun rooms!

Low Cost - Create a custom stone pavers floor without spending a fortune. Enhancing the look of your deck and patio is affordable! No expensive contractors, do it yourself with snap-on deck tiles!

Tile Surface: Natural Stone

Tile Base: PPCO plastic (UV resistant)

Box Content: 6 Tiles


We have exclusive interlocking system on our QuickPlank series,and Patented system as well,all material are compatible on QuickPlank series,we now have WPC,Co-extruded WPC,Nature Stones,Turf,and keep innovation.

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